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Peter Stuyvesant

Peter Stuyvesant King Size

Peter Stuyvesant King Size
EU Made Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes   Made in: EU

1 carton   - $ 52.99
3 cartons - $ 152.97 ($50.99 per 1 carton)
6 cartons - $ 293.94 ($48.99 per 1 carton)

Back when New York was New Netherland, it was governed by Dutch director-general Pieter Stuyvesant. About three centuries after that, the name of this important figure in the early development and history of New York City was employed in the name of a cigar brand.

Ironically enough, this brand is especially popular in countries of which Pieter Stuyvesant had no idea about: New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes (also called "Stuyves" by the most loyal smokers) enjoy this popularity for a reason - they combine a moderate price, rich flavor and a quality tobacco blend.