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Pall Mall

Pall Mall

Pall Mall
EU Made Pall Mall cigarettes   Made in: EU

1 carton   - $ 47.99
3 cartons - $ 137.97 ($45.99 per 1 carton)
6 cartons - $ 263.94 ($43.99 per 1 carton)

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Pall Mall cigarettes have an outstanding history - the brand was launched at the end of the 19th century by the Butler & Butler Company and was targeted at upper class consumers. Even the brand's name hints at the high origin of the cigarettes, as it is named after a street in the City of Westminster, London.

In 1907, Butler & Butler were sold and Pall Mall became part of American Tobacco. The brand was used to test different innovations like the new king-size (which is now standard) and an innovative method of tobacco stuffing, which worked out for the company very well because in 1960, it became the top-selling brand in the US. Although Pall Mall cigarettes have lost their top position since then and are now produced by the Reynolds Tobacco Company, they are their top-selling and fastest-growing cigarette brand.