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Nat Sherman

100 Nat Sherman Classic Menthol

100 Nat Sherman Classic Menthol
US Made Nat Sherman cigarettes   Made in: USA

1 carton   - $ 36.99
3 cartons - $ 104.97 ($34.99 per 1 carton)
6 cartons - $ 197.94 ($32.99 per 1 carton)

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Cigarettes are not considered to be a luxury product, but even in the world of cigarettes, there is a brand that stands apart, Nat Sherman.

If you wonder where this name came from, it was the name of its owner who ran a famous speakeasy during prohibition and started manufacturing cigarettes later on.

Nat Sherman was the first company that made cigarettes using cigar tobacco.

According to the legend, the first cigar tobacco cigarettes were made at the request of a customer who was not allowed to smoke cigars on a plane. Besides the use of cigar tobacco, Nat Sherman cigarettes also do not contain any chemical additives.