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Kool Menthol King Size Box

Kool Menthol King Size Box
EU Made Kool cigarettes   Made in: EU

1 carton   - $ 42.99
3 cartons - $ 122.97 ($40.99 per 1 carton)
6 cartons - $ 233.94 ($38.99 per 1 carton)

Did you know where the name "Kool" came from? The brand was a pioneer in using peppermint extract to make menthol cigarettes, and its name was supposed to imply that the cigarettes smoke was milder and more pleasant to the throat.

Initially, Kool produced only regular cigarettes without filters. However, when filters gained popularity in the 1960s, Kool was quick to adapt and introduce king size cigarettes like Kool Filter Kings and Kool Super Longs.

Absolutely all Kool cigarettes have a menthol flavor, from Kool Blue and Kool XL to Kool Freezing Point, Kool Midnight Blast and Kool Mild.