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Berkeley Superking Blue

Berkeley Superking Blue
UK Made Berkeley cigarettes   Made in: UK

1 carton   - $ 47.99
3 cartons - $ 137.97 ($45.99 per 1 carton)
6 cartons - $ 263.94 ($43.99 per 1 carton)

Berkeley cigarettes have a turbulent history. They were launched by Gallaher Group, once the largest tobacco company in the world, in the United Kingdom. Then, when Gallaher Group was purchased by Japan Tobacco in 2007, Berkeley cigarettes changed their location to India, South Africa and Zimbabwe (although some part of the cigarettes is still produced in Great Britain).

You can find Berkeley cigarettes in different versions: 85 mm (king size) or 100 mm long, in hard or soft packs, in 10 or 20-smoke packages. Whatever the pack or version, one thing remains constant: an amazing taste and smooth flavor.